An NFL Official Was Fired For Selling DeflateGate Balls

DeflateGate Balls sold - Official Fired

After a few weeks away from the spotlight, DefalteGate has reasserted itself at the top of the headlines once again.

Last night, it was word that a Patriots locker-room employee was being investigated by the league for attempting to hand the alternate official an unapproved special teams ball during the AFC Championship Game.  And now ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that one NFL official has been fired for selling some of the DeflateGate balls from the AFC Championship—which he was supposed to donate to charity.

According to Schefter, via ProFootballTalk, this is how it all went down:

“There are a few different league officials, according to people I spoke with today, at the game, who handled the footballs,” Schefter said. “League employees: League Employee 1, League Employee 2 and League Employee 3, we’ll call them, for lack of a better phrases, whose jobs are to handle the balls on game day. And League Official 1, he’s also supposed to take the balls out of play and then send them off to a charitable endeavor to raise money for a charitable endeavor that the league is embarking upon. Only on this day, and since that day, the league has since fired that employee for allegedly selling off some of those footballs on the side. So that employee — League Official 1 — has been fired since the AFC Championship Game.”

We don’t know who the official is, how many DeflateGate balls he sold, or how much he got for them, but I’m guessing he made a hefty sum if he felt it was worth risking his job over.  We’ll have updates when we get them.

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