Ridiculous Sequence of Pekka Rinne Saves Suggests Pekka Rinne Is Pretty Good at Being a Hockey Goalie (Video)

pekka rinne saves

Two great saves in a row? That’s awesome. Three in a row? Outstanding. But four? Four great saves in a row is just not human. And yet, that is exactly what the San Jose Sharks got treated to last night—a sequence of four brilliant Pekka Rinne saves in a row, each better than the one that preceded it.

The first place Nashville Predators had a 4-1 lead early in the second period when the Sharks got a power play and threatened to make a game of it. That’s when the big Finn flashed his skillz. First he stopped a clean shot from the slot. Then he stopped two attempts to bang home the rebound at point blank range. And then, to cap things off, he made a face save on a Joe Pavelski backhander.

Did the fourth one even count? Technically, no. The whistle had already blown. But I do not care. It was a ridiculous save whether the goal would have counted or not.

Take a look:

If you’ve found yourself wondering how in the hell Nashville has managed to stay atop the best division in hockey all season long, I think that should answer your question. Pekka Rinne is really f**kin’ good.

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