Couple Snapchats Valentines Sex Pics at Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium

Snapchat sex Neyland Stadium

If you were alone this Valentine’s Day, lamenting how romance is dead, I would like to submit Exhibit A: Snapchat photos of a couple banging in a press box at Neyland Stadium.


And lest you think that they were just opportunistic about having sex, and aren’t real Vols fans, check out the caption on the SnapChat:


At first I just thought they were idiots and couldn’t spell, but I get the pun, and…not bad, guys.

While the anonymity of this couple makes the whole thing fun, do you think it’s a famous alum? Peyton Manning? Heath Shuler? It’s probably Heath Shuler. His political connections could easily get him into SUPER exclusive places like the Neyland Stadium press box.

Hat Tip – [The Tennessean, via Busted Coverage]

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