Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Show Their Moves on a Dance Cam (Video)

Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Dance Cam

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so it’s time for another viral video from The Tonight Show. This time, it’s Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon pretending to show off their dance moves for the NYC Fan¬†Dance Cam. It’s pretty dumb, especially because of its attempt to continue¬†to sell the whole “Taylor Swift is SUCH a New Yorker” gimmick, but it’s Jimmy Fallon, so you sorta have to like it.

Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon treat us to such gems as “The Robot,” “The Fisherman,” some sort of karate thing followed by The Running Man, and then a true-to-form re-enactment of Flashdance, complete with a bucket of water.

Whoops. I just spoiled the whole thing for you. Forget what you just read and watch the video:

Considering Taylor Swift often conducts herself like she was a marketing robot engineered in the basement of a record label, it’s nice to watch her cut loose. Would it be nicer if they weren’t decked out in NYC sports team gear all the time? Eh, not if you’re from there.

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