This Florida Woman Made a Baseball Dress from Donated Mets Balls (Pic)

Baseball dress

While baseball doesn’t really ramp up for another six weeks or so, it’s time for sports shows, amidst the NBA All-Star break and a lack of football, to start rolling out the human interest stories. Most are painful, but this one is pretty cool.

Down Florida way, in Port St. Lucie, Jennifer Hitchner, a local artist, received 130 balls from the Mets and turned them into a pretty awesome baseball dress.

At $10 a pop retail, that dress is $1,300 in materials alone, never mind the value of the craftsmanship. They’re also signed by some of the players, which may actually decrease the value of the baseball dress, but whatever. I don’t think this thing is going to find its way to a runway, regardless of how cool it is.

The baseball dress is being auctioned off for charity. Check the link here, and get yourself a pretty little dress while helping out the Port St. Lucie Little League.

Pretty cool, Jennifer Hitchner.

Hat Tip – [MLB]

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