Here’s Floyd Mayweather Playing Basketball with Chris Brown at Michael Jordan’s Gym (Videos)

floyd mayweather playing basketball

Why was Floyd Mayweather playing basketball with Chris Brown last night? Well, to be fair, Floyd was actually playing basketball with a lot of people at Michael Jordan‘s private gym in New York. It wasn’t just him and Chris Brown. But as far as we know they were the only two famous people there, and you can’t exactly ignore all they have in common. (E.g., beating up women.) So that’s how we’re writing this up. Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown: buddies playin’ basketball.

Here’s a TMZ video of the shoot-around. Chris Brown is the guy with red shoes and green hair. Floyd is the little bald guy:

Of course, Floyd also posted a couple of clips on Instagram so women could fawn over them and tell him how amazing and talented he is:

Part 1… to be continued…

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Part 2… Let the games begin … Video credit: @jpconnected

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As you can see, Floyd isn’t exactly Allen Iverson. But at least he’s not playing his manager like his boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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