Jay-Z Confuses David Wells For Curt Schilling at SNL Afterparty

Jay-Z confuses Wells with Schilling - SNL Afterparty

I’m sure many awesome, funny things took place at the SNL afterparty commemorating the show’s 40th anniversary. We don’t have all the stories, but I’m sure if we just give Jimmy Fallon time, he’ll tell them all. In the meantime, we’ve got this fun little nugget from former MLB pitcher David Cone, who managed to condense a whole story into one tweet.

I could recap it, but I think Mr. Cone tells the story just fine:

Pretty great, no? Mr. “I make a Yankees hat more famous than a Yankee can” gets Red Sox and Yankees confused. The best part about Jay-Z asking David Wells about his bloody sock at the SNL afterparty is that I’m guessing David Wells has lots of bloody sock stories. He just looks like a guy who is prone to bloody feet.

Anyway, let’s enjoy this one for a minute…



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