Enjoy This Compilation of Pau Gasol Screaming A LOT in Just 8 Games (Video)

Pau Gasol screaming

Pau Gasol is enjoying something of a career renaissance in Chicago. However, these types of things don’t come easy. If you think that success can come without hard work, or screaming your ass off frequently during games, think again.

This video compilation made over the course of only eight games shows just how much Pau Gasol screams during games.

I guess it’s a testament to his intensity, but if I was his teammate, I would be pretty peeved. On my list of qualities I look for in a teammate, it would go something like this:

3. Someone who’s fun in the clubhouse.

2. Someone who has the tools to help us win a championship.

1. Someone who doesn’t scream like a banshee every single game.

Pau Gasol has two of those qualities.

Take a look at the video:

I don’t care if he’s having a career year. Life’s hard enough, ya know? Give me Swaggy P, or Greg Oden, or ANYONE who is a little quieter. Pau Gasol screaming almost nullifies all those double-doubles he’s pulling in.

Hat Tip – [Bulls on Parade]

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