5 Reasons a Los Angeles NFL Team Will Succeed (and 4 Reasons It Won’t)

los angeles nfl team
The Oscars are this weekend, which means, once again, that all eyes turn to LA. It’s the undisputed capital of the entertainment industry, but it’s got a checkered past as a sports town. Those two facts are probably not a coincidence. LA is a big city with great weather and a lot going on. But does that make it more likely they could support a Los Angeles NFL team? A Los Angeles NFL team has came and went on several occasions, and while they haven’t been able to keep a team, it’s not like the teams went down in flames.

So does LA deserve an NFL team? Eh, it’s complicated. So let’s split up our discussion into 5 reasons for LA getting an NFL team and 4 reasons against it.

(Full disclosure: The author lives in LA and wants a Los Angeles NFL team so he can stop rooting for a team owned by Jerry Jones.)

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