Here’s Crotchety Old Man Bobby Knight Yelling at SMU Fans to Sit Their Butts Down (Video)

bobby knight yelling at fans to sit down

Bobby Knight yelling at people is nothing knew. The guy has been doing it his entire adult life. In fact, the guy is more famous for yelling at people than he is for winning three National Championships at Indiana and retiring as the winningest coach in the history of college basketball.

However, this particular story about Bobby Knight yelling is pretty crazy even for him.

You see, on Thursday Knight was calling the SMU-Temple game for ESPN, and SMU put the ESPN broadcast crew in a disadvantageous location behind some of the home fans. Thus, after Nic Moore hit a three-pointer to give the Mustangs their first lead of the game and bring the Mustangs fans to their feet, neither Knight nor his ESPN colleagues could see what was happening on the floor.

That’s when Knight took it upon himself to yell at the fans to sit the hell down. With his mic on. While the play was going on. Over and over.

Check it out:

You can certainly understand why Knight would be frustrated. He can’t do his job if he can’t see the game.

That said, Knight shouldn’t have taken his frustrations out on the fans, because it wasn’t their fault. They were just cheering for their team. The SMU athletic department was to blame . When your team is on national TV, you gotta make sure the announcers are in front of the fans—especially when one of the announcers has been known to choke people who make him angry.

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