Cliff Lee Interview Has Him Resorting to a Magic 8 Ball for Answers (Video)

Cliff Lee interview

Normally when you see a headline about an athlete and an eight ball, you brace yourself for the worst. I’m happy to say, “not this time.”

This is a family friendly story about a Cliff Lee interview in which he turned to the cosmos to answer reporters’ questions. It’s a modified Marshawn Lynch approach.

When faced with unpleasant questions about his health and the rocky road the Phillies have been down, Cliff Lee, rather than clamming up, resorted to a magic 8 ball to address the issues.

Here we go:


He sure knows how to charm the press! Not really, but when you’re on the back nine of your career and facing health issues, it’s best to have a sense of humor about these things, as this Cliff Lee interview demonstrates.

He should have followed it up with, “You know why I’m here.

Hat Tip – [CSN Philly]

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