Danica Patrick Yells at a Very Calm Denny Hamlin (Video)

Danica Patrick yells at Denny Hamlin

During Wednesday’s practice session at the Daytona 500, Denny Hamlin bumped the left end of Danica Patrick‘s car and spun her off the track.  That put Danica in a rather precarious position on Thursday, forcing her to come away with a strong finish at the Budweiser Duel No. 2 if she hoped to qualify for this year’s Daytona 500.

For a moment it looked like that could be out of the question when she was wrecked for a second consecutive day. And again, it was Hamlin who sent her spinning.

Check it out:

Luckily for Patrick, she was able to come back from that accident and finish in 10th, qualifying her for the big race. But that didn’t make her any less angry with Hamlin at the conclusion of last night’s Daytona Duel.

Watch as Danica Patrick yells at Denny Hamlin in the video below:

Props to Hamlin for remaining so calm. I guess he figured that despite NASCAR’s recent uptick in pit lane scraps, fighting a woman was not the way to go in this situation—or any situation, for that matter.

Hat Tip – [NASCAR]

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