DeAndre Jordan Presented a Dunking Saga vs. the Spurs Last Night (Videos)

DeAndre Jordan

Let’s go through the steps and follow this story. Try to keep up if you can.

First, DeAndre Jordan tried to dunk over Tim Duncan. Duncan’s not exactly the most spry defender, but he was able to stand his ground and…not much else. Duncan sorta just stood there with that deer-in-the-headlights look. DeAndre Jordan just couldn’t reach the rim from that distance, so things turned ugly quickly, then slightly less ugly. Then they just sorta ended. Such is the nature of this game.

Here’s the fun clip:

Then Duncan was kind enough to give DeAndre Jordan a firsthand tutorial in the matter. Duncan’s magnanimous like that:

Then, in a twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan himself, DeAndre Jordan was actually able to throw down a dunk. Of course, it wasn’t on Duncan, but still…redemption, sort of.

Marco Belinelli was the unfortunate recipient. Oh well, he’ll get over it and pay it forward. There’s a karmic quality to this story that ensures it will never end—just be transferred to some other poor sap who happens to be standing under the hoop:

And there you have it. A play in three acts, worthy of Shakespeare. Or at least…Bieber.

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