Famed Golfer Michael Jordan Wants to Build a Super-Private Golf Course

Golfer Michael Jordan

We all know that noted golfer Michael Jordan enjoyed an earlier career as a basketball player, but as people do when they hit 50, all their scattered attention focuses on golf and Florida. And Michael Jordan, master of excess, knows that if there’s one thing Florida needs, it’s a new golf course. And if it’s one thing golf courses need more of, it’s exclusivity.

So Michael Jordan wants the world to know that he would like to build a private golf course in Florida for him and some of his super-awesome friends.

Golfer Michael Jordan (not to be confused with regular, younger Michael Jordan) would turn the course into a country club, and handpick the membership. That means Charles Barkley likely wouldn’t make the cut.

All this presumably stems from the fact that Michael Jordan is frustrated with the pace of play at the Bear’s club, where he normally plays. He likes to play through quickly, and it seems that OTHER PEOPLE are slowing him down. So this is a totally proportionate response if you have hundreds of millions of dollars and really like golf.

Hat Tip – [Golf.com]

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