Purdue’s Jon Octeus Brings the Thunder Down on Indiana (Video)

Jon Octeus

Jon Octeus of Purdue may not be an NBA player (yet?), but this monster dunk definitely outperforms the ranks of college basketball. This play doesn’t lend itself to TOO much analysis, but that doesn’t mean it’s not plenty fun to watch. The Octe-gon (my new nickname for him), drives, pulls back, and releases with the fury of a thousand angry Gods.

“Is his wrist okay?” you might be asking yourself. His wrist is fine. And his ego has probably never been better. Take a look:

The ego of the Indiana frontcourt, however, has been sent to the doctor for testing. At first glance, it appears there was some mild bruising.

Jon Octeus. Remember that name. Even if he doesn’t make it to the NBA, remember that name. It’s a funny name.

Oh, and Purdue edged out the Hoosiers, 67-63. For your records.

Hat Tip – [@cjzero]

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