Kevin Garnett Is Coming Home: Here’s the Video

Kevin Garnett is coming home

During Thursday’s wild NBA Trade Deadline, the Minnesota Timberwolves provided the day’s biggest head-scratcher when they acquired Kevin Garnett from the Brooklyn Nets for Thaddeus Young.

Garnett is set to become a free agent this summer after earning $12-million this season, while Young still has $9.4-million this year and $10-million next year remaining on his contract.  So this move would at least make a little bit of sense if the T-Wolves simply planned on making KG play out the rest of the season before having him retire or getting rid of him in the offseason.  But word has it that they’re actually trying to sign the 38-year-old to a two-year extension.

Why would a team that is in rebuilding mode want to do such a thing?  Do they think they can sign Garnett to a cheaper deal and have him mentor their young stars like Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine?  Your guess is as good as mine.

All I can tell you for certain is that Kevin Garnett is coming home. And there’s a video to commemorate the occasion, accompanied by some music from Diddy and Skylar Grey. Check it out:


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