Bill Belichick Eats with His Fingers at the Combine (Video)

Bill Belichick eats

If I asked you to picture how Bill Belichick eats, you might imagine a man in an African Savannah, looking up from the body of a bloodied kicker, with blood all over his face, making sure no one is encroaching on his feast…

And you’d be right.

The Patriots super coach was at the NFL combine doing what coaches do, and someone was kind and courteous enough to film Belichick eating. To be fair, it didn’t LOOK like he was eating, because there was no food left on his plate. But that didn’t mean Belichick was finished. Nope.

When Bill Belichick eats, he clears his damn plate. And if that means running his finger around the plate until some mystery sauce is gone, so be it:


If that sauce on his finger was anything less than baby kangaroo blood, we’re all gonna be sorta upset.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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