Go Behind the Scenes with Hannah Davis for the SI Swimsuit Issue (Video)

Hannah Davis behind the scenes SI Swimsuit cover

If you’re a fan of Hannah Davis, or the magic behind swimsuit model photography (and who isn’t?), then you should check out this video that goes behind the scenes for shoots of the SI Swimsuit Issue. If you don’t like Hannah Davis particularly, or photography, or Sports Illustrated, then maybe you’ll enjoy looking at a near-naked girl?

Yeah. We thought so. To avoid the risk of overselling, let’s get to the video:

That’s a fine film. I guess it’s not eligible for this year’s Oscars, because it came out after December 31st, but maybe they did some limited release in New York and Los Angeles. Otherwise, we’re fine waiting until 2016 to see this film and this actress get the credit it deserves.

Rather than bore you with more “words,” here’s another pic of SI Swimsuit cover girl Hannah Davis. Because it’s the weekend and you’re worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.07.07 AM

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