Marshawn Lynch Tells His Oakland Hometown to ‘Stop Killing Each Other’ (Video)

Marshawn Lynch

Just because Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like to talk to the press, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to say.

TMZ managed to find a video from the summer of 2014 which shows Marshawn Lynch taking the stage at a hip hop show at The New Parish, a club in his hometown of Oakland. Rather than just act as some hype man for a rapper, he took a decidedly more thoughtful tact.

Take a look, then we can discuss:

It’s not hard to believe that Marshawn Lynch is a thoughtful, introspective guy. So it’s not a HUGE surprise to see him testifying like this, but he still manages to impress us.

Beast Mode might be at his most beastly when he’s talking to the crowd, saying “I’ve been losing too many of y’all,” and “We need to be here for each other.”

Who knows if he was able to reach any of the individuals in the crowd, but it’s really nice to see him trying sincerely. Maybe, one day, the NFL can realize that if he’s speaking like this, he’s probably doing more good for the league than by tossing out a few canned words about “110%” in the locker room after the game.

Orrrrr, the league will stay set in its ways, and continue to dole out punishments for those who don’t toe the corporate line, no matter how much they do (seemingly) off-camera.

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