Somebody Pulled the Fire Alarm at the Washington Capitals Hotel in Philly on Sunday Morning (Videos)

washington capitals hotel fire alarm

We learned two interesting, interrelated pieces of trivia about the Washington Capitals on Sunday.

The first is that they don’t play well when they don’t get enough sleep. The second is that none of them wear shirts to bed.

How did we come to discover this trivia? Well it seems the Capitals may have been the victims of a little gamesmanship on the part of some Flyers fans in Philadelphia early Sunday morning. The team arrived at their hotel late Saturday night, and around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday the hotel fire alarm went off.

Now, when a hotel fire alarm goes off, you usually don’t have to exit the building immediately. But you do have to listen to announcements over the PA system and wait for instructions. And for some reason, a bunch of half-naked Capitlas players decided to do their waiting out in the hallway.

The scene was documented on Instagram by Marcus Johansson and Alex Ovechkin:

Seriously, guys. Shirts. And Alex Ovechkin, for God’s sake, close your legs.

Anyway, the Capitals would go on to lose to the Flyers on Sunday afternoon, 3-2, and they were nine minutes into the first period before they even recorded a shot.

So yeah, I’d say they were a little sluggish.

Hat Tip – [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

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