‘Instagram Guy’ Gets Yelled At, Steals the Show at the Combine (Video)

Instagram Guy - NFL Combine

If you tuned into the NFL Network’s broadcast of the 2015 Draft Combine on Saturday to see what the likes of draft-eligible quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota could do, you were treated to quite the cameo from ‘Instagram Guy.’

Who is ‘Instagram Guy’? If you’re asking that question you obviously weren’t tuned in to watch Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall run his 40-yard dash, else you would have known that ‘Instagram Guy’ is the dude who was yelled at by Pittsburgh Steelers scout Mark Gorscak for getting in the way.

Check it out:

We don’t know for certain the identity of ‘Instagram Guy,’ but word has it that it was NFL.com writer Conor Orr:

Marshall would go on to run an impressive 4.54 40-yard dash. As for ‘Instagram Guy’ he clocked in at 5.14 seconds during his walk-of-shame after getting the boot from Gorscak.

Here’ a photo of ‘Instagram Guy’ exiting the scene:

Instagram Guy walk of shame

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