Oilers Fan Throws Beer at Jersey Tosser, Hilarity Ensues (Video)

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Since their improbable run to the Stanley Cup Finals back in 2006, the Edmonton Oilers have fallen on tough times.  They have failed to make the playoffs in any of the eight seasons since that crushing Game 7 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, despite having three first-overall draft picks over that period of time.

With the Oilers currently sitting in 29th in the NHL, another playoffs-less season and a top-two draft pick in the summer’s entry draft appears to be in the cards for the once-storied franchise.  But even with some of the fans growing frustrated with their team’s performance on the ice, most of the Oilers fans are still standing by their club’s side and sticking up for them in the face of those who choose to hate.

Case in point: this scene from Friday’s 4-0 loss to the Minnesota Wild.

With the Oilers delivering another underwhelming performance in a season filled with many of them, one frustrated spectator had seen enough and decided to throw his jersey onto the ice.  That’s when the video recording begins, and you can see a loyal Oilers fan coming to his team’s defense by tossing his beer on the jersey thrower.

That alone would have been entertaining enough, but it didn’t end there.  The jersey tosser proceeded to chase the beer tosser through the stands, leading to a brief skirmish.  Even Oilers goaltender Ben Scrivens was having a tough time keeping his eyes off the action in the crowd at Rexall Place.

Security eventually broke things up and the two were escorted out of the arena, with the beer thrower receiving a raucous ovation and several high-fives from fellow Oilers fans during his exit.

The lesson here is quite obvious:  Jersey throwing may be cool in Toronto, but the fans in Edmonton aren’t having any of that.

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