Oregon State Coach Wayne Tinkle Sweats More Than His Players Do (Pic)

Wayne Tinkle

Oh, man. I would think that certain people who sweat a lot learn that there are certain colors they just shouldn’t wear. Or they should just stay covered up. Oregon State basketball coach Wayne Tinkle has either not learned this lesson or just doesn’t care. Here’s the coach on the sideline, looking like he was just pulled out of an oven or a sauna.

Here’s the Tweet:

It’s not like this game was even that close. The Beavers won 72-58 over Colorado, so it likely wasn’t nerves that got him going. Whatever. It’s totally gross, but more funny.

My attention quickly goes in the second Tweet from Wayne Tinkle to the dude in the background. What’s his story? Is he made of wax? Maybe Wayne Tinkle was sweating because he thought that weird looking guy behind him was going to eat him or something.

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