Reggie Jackson Vomits on the Sideline During His Pistons Debut (Video)

Reggie Jackson

Lest you think that professional athletes are immune from nerves, look no further than this fun clip of Reggie Jackson, who was dealt from OKC to Detroit at the 11th hour of the trade deadline last week. After a few days to get acclimated, Reggie Jackson made his Pistons debut and promptly vomited nine minutes into the game.

It’s unlikely that he was exhausted, as even his expanded playing time in Detroit wouldn’t explain why he vomits only nine minutes into a game. And he didn’t seem to be sick, as he ended up tallying 19 points in the Pistons win. This appears to be nerves, plain and simple.

Here’s the clip:

Thankfully, it’s not too graphic, but it gets the point across.

What do players do after they vomit? I’m sure they’re not able to brush their teeth, but is there gum or mints on the sidelines? I would think so, because the prospect of having to play the rest of the game with vomit on your breath is a little too much to bear.

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