Team President Phil Jackson Blasts the Knicks’ Effort on Twitter (Tweets)

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson isn’t know to be a super emotive or rash person. He’s got that whole zen thing going for him that’s resulted in two hands worth of championship rings. However, that doesn’t mean he’s immune from getting pissed at his team. I mean, they’re the Knicks after all. Carmelo is playing mind games, they’re paying Amar’e to play in Dallas, their owner is a tool, and their fans have had enough.

Phil Jackson has to at least APPEAR angry to let people know he cares.

So he took to Twitter and rattled off a couple Tweets about the basketball gods or somesuch thing:

Not sure what that “SMH” sentence means at the end. Critics are shaking their head? Critics are shaking Jackson’s head? That sounds violent.

I doubt these Tweets will serve as a tipping point, but it’s one more straw on the camel’s back, for sure.

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