Brooklyn Teen Lands 1058-Pound Blue Marlin Off Coast of Hawaii (Video + Pics)

brooklyn teen lands 1058-pound blue marlin off coast of hawaii

For the rest of his life, no matter where he goes, Brooklyn teen Kai Rizzuto is going to have one hell of a big fish story to tell. On February 18, he landed a 1058-pound blue marlin off Hawaii’s Kona coast.

Though only 16, Rizzuto is no novice when it comes to deep-sea fishing. He visits his grandfather in Hawaii every year, and two summers ago the high school junior apprenticed as a deckhand on a charter fishing boat. However, the massive marlin he landed last week is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of catch. It beat his own personal record by half a ton.

Hell, at 14 feet long, Kai’s marlin didn’t even fit in their boat.

brooklyn teen lands 1058-pound blue marling of coast of hawaii 3

“It was jumping straight out of the water, fully breached, shaking its head trying to free itself,” Kai told CNN. “I was really hoping and praying that nothing would happen to this fish and that it wouldn’t break off.”

Unfortunately, while the fish didn’t break off, it did not survive the 30-minute fight. But, on the bright side, a fish this size can feed a couple hundred people.

“Blue marlin is a high-quality protein,” Rizutto explained. “They have been eaten here forever, so when we get a very special fish like this, you turn it over to a fish cutter that makes sure everyone who wants a piece gets a piece.”

Check out the video of Kai’s catch, which comes to us courtesy of Ihu Nui Sportfishing. It’s pretty incredible.

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