Classy Stuttgart Fans Console Players Instead of Heckling Them After Heartbreaking Loss (Video)

stuttgard fans console timo baumgartl after loss

Soccer fans are a passionate bunch prone to outbursts of violence and mayhem. We’re reminded of this over and over again. In fact, just last week in Paris, a pack of racist Chelsea fans pushed a black commuter off their subway car while chanting a racist slogan at him.

Today, however, we have a story about soccer fans being compassionate and tolerant, just to show you they’re not all bad.

The compassion and tolerance in question was exhibited by VfB Stuttgart fans on Friday night. Trailing Borussia Dortmund 2-1 late in the game, Stuttgart need an equalizer to avoid falling into dead last place in the German Bundesliga. Instead Stuttgart got a costly turnover from 18-year-old defenseman Timo Bumgartl that led to a goal by Marco Reus that iced the game for Dortmund.

Afterward, fans could have heckled the young Bumgartl. But they did not. Instead, seeing how devastated the kid was, Stuttgart fans consoled him.

Hell, they consoled all the players after that heartbreaking loss. Take a look:

That’s some classy stuff from Stuttgart’s supporters. It certainly would be nice to see more of that and less of this at soccer stadiums around the world.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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