Cleveland Browns Unveil New Logo That Looks Like Their Old Logo (Pics)

Cleveland Browns unveil new logo

The Cleveland Browns are trying their best to turn over a new leaf and leave their losing ways behind them.  Last year that meant using one of their two first-round draft picks on quarterback Johnny Manziel.  That plan failed miserably, as they finished in last place in the AFC North for the fourth consecutive season, and the 10th time in the past 12 seasons.

This off-season, they’re taking a different approach.  Rather than take their chances on using a first-round draft pick on another immature quarterback, they’re taking a much-more-conservative approach towards ushering in a new era by introducing a new team logo, helmet, and color scheme.

And when I say that this is a “much-more-conservative approach,” I mean it.  Just take a look at these comparisons between the old and new logos and colors:

Cleveland Browns unveil new logo

How daring of them to swap their old orange with a slightly brighter new orange.  I’d say this could translate into at least one more victory next season…Maybe two.

Hat Tip – [Cleveland Browns]

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