Female Japanese Wrestler Decides to Stop Faking It, Beats Opponent to Bloody Pulp (Graphic Video)

female japanese wrestler forgets that wrestling is supposed to be fake

Everyone knows professional wrestling is fake. Unless there’s some sort of accident, nobody really gets hurt. Usually.

On Saturday in Japan, somebody did really get hurt. And it was no accident. For some reason, Japanese wrestler Yoshiko decided that instead of playing along with the script for her World Wonder Ring STARDOM match against the up-and-coming Act Yasukawa, she’d just go ahead and beat the everliving sh*t out of her.

So that’s what Yoshiko did. She beat the everliving sh*t out of Act Yasukawa. World Wonder Ring STARDOM has yet to officially release a statement about the incident, but rumors floating around the internet say that Yoshiko gave Yasukawa a broken nose, a broken orbital bone, and a concussion. And after watching the video, I’d say yeah, that seems about right.

If bloody swollen faces don’t make you queasy, take a look for yourself. The Yoshiko-Yasukawa “fight” starts around 3:15.

As I’ve already mentioned, the World Wonder Ring has yet to comment on this beatdown or announce any punishment for Yoshiko. But you have to think the punishment is going to be severe. And if I were Act Yasukawa, I’d certainly get the police involved.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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