Kansas State Fans Storm the Court After Wildcats Upset No. 8 Jayhawks (Videos)

kansas state fans storm the court

Last night, the Kansas State Wildcats knocked off the No. 8 Kansas Jayhawks in front of their home fans at Bramlage Coliseum in Manhattan, Kansas.

Any time K-State knocks off powerhouse rival KU, it’s a big deal. However, this victory was particularly sweet, seeing as how the Wildcats were just 13-15 overall and 6-9 in the Big 12 coming into the game. So fans were really jacked up, and after the game things got pretty insane.

Watch Kansas State fans storm the court:

Now, normally when the talking heads on ESPN start moralizing and calling stuff like this “disgraceful,” I roll my eyes. Because most instances of court storming are relatively harmless.

However, in this case, Kansas State fans really did take things too far. The purple crush after the final buzzer was fast and furious, leaving no room for KU players and staff to safely evacuate. As a result, Jayhawks coach Bill Self nearly got trampled, and several players were assaulted.

Here’s Self getting pinned in while trying to congratulate K-State coach Bruce Weber, who yells at everyone to back the f— off:

Meanwhile, here is KU’s Jamari Traylor minding his own damn business before getting bodychecked by a wacko Wildcats fan:

Personally, I love a good, well-mannered court-storming. But if they keep turning dangerous like this, the NCAA is going to have no choice but to start forfeiting wins when it happens. So chill out, everybody.

Oh, and FYI, local police are looking for the jackass who crashed into Traylor. So if you know him, turn him in.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation & ESPN]

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