Kansas State Usher Gets a Little Jiggy with It on the Dance Cam (Video)

Kansas State usher

When you’re in Manhattan, Kansas, I’m guessing you have to make your own fun. Fortunately, for people like this Kansas State usher, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Clearly, he’s got his whole schtick down, and it’s pretty terrific. He’s like Jena Maroney on 30 Rock, grabbing a microphone, then going, “No, I can’t sing a song for everyone, I ca- OK!!!!!”

You best check out the video before we go any further:

He’s not the best-dancing usher I know (that would be Usher), but what he lacks in talent, rhythm, or anything else, he more than makes up for with enthusiasm, and a big-ass smile.

There isn’t much else to say about this fleet-of-foot gentleman, so rather than continuing to analyze something that clearly doesn’t need to be analyzed, let’s just watch the video again. Here, you don’t even need to scroll up. I’ll embed again. Because carpal tunnel syndrome is no joke:

If you’re interested in the game, K-State beat Kansas by a score of “Who gives a damn, this guy’s dancing like no one’s watching.”

Ok, 70-63.