Michael Sam to Pursue B-List Celebrity on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Michael Sam

Michael Sam had a dream to play football in the NFL. So he got drafted, and while he was in training camp, he ran a parallel path pursuing a less-popular dream of getting a reality show on Oprah’s network. Now that he’s left without a team, and likely without an NFL career, he’s playing the card he has left, which is the notoriety of being the NFL’s first openly gay player that never actually had an NFL career.

Realizing that a claim to fame like this doesn’t last forever, Michael Sam quickly found his way to ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, because that’s where people with dubious “talents” and claims to fame go.

Here’s his Twitter announcement:

Alright then. 

Looks like Michael went from being a pioneer in the NFL to taking one of the most well-worn paths in celebrity. Good luck, I guess. 

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