MMA Fighter Josh Neer Kicks a Facebook Troll’s Butt in the Ring (Video)

Josh Neer

So a guy went on social media and started running his mouth (imagine that!) to a bunch of MMA fighters. That guy’s name is Patrick Martin. Somehow, he engaged Bellator fighter Josh Neer in a war of words that resulted in Neer being challenged by the idiot to a fight at his gym.

Here it merits mentioning that Neer, despite being a professional fighter, is 5’5″ and 170. Martin is, according to Neer, 6’6″ and 270. Neverthless, here’s what happened:

In the least surprising turn of events ever, the Internet jerk gets his ass kicked by the professional ass kicker. Of course, some people are critical of Josh Neer, saying that he shouldn’t be beating up untrained morons. I’m not one of those people. Maybe people should be critical of Internet trolls goading killing machines to fight them. That makes more sense to me.

In any event, it’s pretty fun to watch this guy get hurt by his own choosing. Finally, here’s Neer’s response to the critics:


MMA Fighters 1, Internet Trolls 0.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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