It Only Took 10,000 Retweets for Emmanuel Acho to Take a Girl to Prom (Pics)

Emmanuel Acho

If you think that you can get Eagles LB Emmanuel Acho to take you to prom just by getting a couple thousand retweets on your Twitter request, you should probably think again. When Eagles fan Hannah Delmonte sent Acho a message asking if he would take her to prom if she got 2,000 retweets on her Tweet, he upped the stakes and made it 10,000.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Hannah saw his 10,000 and ended up raising him 3,000. Thats a total of 13,000 retweets, which was impressive enough for Emmanuel Acho to put his money where his mouth is. So he got on a plane to Virginia and gave Hannah her dream date.

Here’s the social media interaction and some pics:

It was a CRAZY weekend! Moral of the story, when you have a chance to positively impact someone; don’t make excuses, make it happen!! ✌️’til prom #PromPartII

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Looks like Mr. Acho was a pretty good date, and Hannah is a pretty terrific Eagles fan. Happy to say this seemed to work out well for everyone.

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