Kingstonian FC Goalie Jumps Into Stands to Fight Opposing Fans (Video)

kingstonian fc goalie

Yesterday we did a post about a heartwarming show of support after a soccer game in Stuttgart that filled us with a warm fuzzy feeling of brotherhood and harmony. It was kind of weird.

Today things are back to normal. This post is about an English soccer goalie climbing over some advertising boarding to brawl with fans.

The goalie in question is 27-year-old Rob Tolfrey of Kingstonian FC of England’s semi-pro Ryman League Premier Division. On Monday night, after a home loss to Bognor Regis Town, Tolfrey climbed into the stands and got into a nasty brawl with some Bognor Regis Town fans. At this point we don’t know what sparked the fight, but chances are it involved the Bognor fans shouting vulgarities.

Take a look:

Kingstonian isn’t taking the situation lightly. They’ve issued a statement and everything. See:

“Following the events from last night’s Ryman League Premier Division match, Kingstonian Football Club is conducting a thorough investigation, while working closely alongside Bognor Regis Town FC, with whom we have an excellent relationship.”

Oh yeah, they’ll get to the bottom of this, alright.

Hat Tip – [Guardian]

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