The Tom Brady Workout This Offseason Has People Sitting on Him (Pic)

Tom Brady workout

It’s been a month since his Super Bowl win, and with the Pats QB not a spring chicken any more, it’s time to get the Tom Brady workout in full swing. While some players run around with tires, or throw medicine balls against a wall like crazy people, the Tom Brady workout opts for a more sedentary approach: Just have people sitting on him while he planks.

Namely, Vince Wilfork, who tips the scales at a svelte 325 pounds.


Of course, this is very staged (and clearly¬†photoshopped), but it’s always fun to see what Tom Brady’s weird sense of humor brings us. It’s also fun to see the look on Wilfork’s face, who, despite being taken out of context, looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.

Expect to hear soon that Patriots QB and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady has been snapped in half during his exercise routine.


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