Wisconsin Football Dug Up an Old Chris Farley Recruitment Video, and It’s Fantastic (Video)

chris farley recruitment video

On Tuesday, the University of Wisconsin athletic department posted a vintage Chris Farley recruitment video on their official YouTube channel. In it, Farley channels his iconic Saturday Night Live character, motivational speaker Matt Foley, and warns potential recruits that if they don’t go to Wisconsin they’ll end up…well, you know.

The video was shot inside Wisconson’s famous Camp Randall Stadium, with Marquette alum Farley decked out in a Wisconson hat and sweatshirt. Wisconsin did not say when the video was shot, but it was obviously some time between 1993, when the Matt Foley sketched first appeared on SNL, and 1997, when Farley died of a drug overdose at the age of 33.

Has Wisconsin been sitting on this footage for 20 years, just waiting for the right time (like the 40th anniversary of SNL) to release it? Or did they just recently come across it? We don’t know. All they said was “Chris Farley has a message for all the recruits out there,” like the guy is still alive or something. Which is weird.

But the history of the footage doesn’t really matter. It’s comedy gold either way.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [College Spun]

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