Charlton Investigating Footage of Couple Having Sex on Pitch (Video)

Soccer fans across the world (and especially those in Rotterdam) should really try to be more like the supporters of English second-tier club Charlton Athletic.  And by that, we mean they should start showing less hate and more love on the pitch.

In terms of hate, we’re obviously talking about acts of racism, rioting, and other forms of violence and discrimination.  As for love, well, nothing says the “L” word quite like two presumably young, presumably drunk individuals going at it in the middle of a soccer pitch.  And that’s exactly what happened in the middle of The Valley, if we’re to believe this video—which is probably NSFW.

Check it out (but again, we remind you that it is blurred, but still probably NSFW):

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Some are skeptical as to whether this really happened on Charlton’s home pitch sometime recently, but it must have happened sometime, somewhere.  And there’s footage of it.  That’s good enough to garner my interest.

Charlton Athletic is looking into the matter.  If it did actually happen at their field, hopefully they’ll have some alternate angles for us via their security cameras.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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