Darnell Dockett, Role Model, Urges Kids to Avoid Drugs and Strip Clubs (Video)

Darnell Dockett

Darnell Dockett is such a killjoy. When rallying up with a youth football team (I guess the Arizona season extends to late February?), he gave some very sage advice to the little ones. I’m not really inclined to ruin the surprise any more than I have in the title, so let’s take a peek at the video, then come back to some hard-hitting analysis.

Dockett Loves the kids….#roleMODELoftheyear

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Darnell Dockett is known to be a pretty funny dude, as you can see here and here. But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. These kids have at least five or six years before they should even CONSIDER frequenting strip clubs, and then another four or five after that before they should consider responsible recreational drug use.

To paraphrase Charles Barkley, Darnell is not a role model because he’s a professional athlete. But he sure does act like one in this clip. He’s got a career as a cut-rate motivational speaker if this NFL thing doesn’t work out.

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