DeMarcus Cousins Had a Bad Night: Kicked a Chair and Elbowed By Z-Bo (Videos)

DeMarcus Cousins

While DeMarcus Cousins is having perhaps the best year of his career, he’s doing it on the sinking ship that is the Sacramento Kings. There seems to be a general dissatisfaction among the players and fans, and nowhere was that more apparent than in these two DeMarcus Cousins clips from last night.

First off, while up ten, DeMarcus Cousins got called for a foul, then seemed to agonize over the call for a few moments before returning to the bench to kick a chair out of anger.

It’s just a foul, dude. You get six of them per game. Here’s that clip:

Then, a very VERY light foul on Zach Randolph resulted in Z-Bo getting all up in his face, which, again, made DeMarcus Cousins resort to some Charlie Brown-level moping on the court. Oh, and he caught an elbow from Z-Bo.

Doesn’t “Z-Bo” just sound like the nickname of a guy who would throw a lot of elbows? Yes. It does. Here’s that gem of a video:

I will admit that having Zach Randolph yell at me would ruin my day, and possibly my week. That guy is terrifying. The elbow is just like putting salt on the wounds. Painful, painful salt.

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