Giancarlo Stanton Is Getting a Weird, Expensive New Helmet This Season (Pic)

Giancarlo Stanton

Safety first.

That’s apparently the motto that Giancarlo Stanton has adopted after he took a fastball to the face that looked downright terrifying. Schutt Sports, noted makers of football helmets, has introduced a prototype helmet for the Marlins outfielder. You’ll be quick to notice that the helmet offers an extension across the face that serves to protect from fastballs to the kisser. That’s a medical term, “kisser.”

Apparently Giancarlo Stanton has been very involved in the development of the helmet, flying up on the company owner’s private jet to check in on progress and give comments. Maybe he wants to effect some changes that keep safety in mind. Or maybe Schutt sports is paying him money to appear interested so they can get some press into their new foray.

The helmet is expected to retail for $500-$1000 and is made of carbon fiber. I’m guessing that this would be some sort of flagship model, and laypeople like us would be able to get a version that’s not quite so pricey once this thing goes into production.

It doesn’t look like much, but that’s probably a good thing. I’m sick of those flashy futuristic helmets:



Pretty sweet “G” he’s got there on the faceguard.

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