Kevin Garnett Cracks Up Upon Seeing Shirtless Dancing T-Wolves Fans (Video)

Kevin Garnett

Most people don’t expect to see Kevin Garnett smile. Normally, when people see Kevin Garnett’s teeth, it’s because he’s ferociously excited about something and looks like he’s unhinged his jaw to eat someone. However, last night he was able to remind the world that he is still a human being capable of all the nice emotions as well.

We found this out during his T-Wolves homecoming game against the Wizards (which the T-Wolves won by 20) when some fans in the stands started dancing like maniacs with their shirts off. Granted, it’s funny, but it’s even FUNNIER to know that this is the type of thing that cracks up Kevin Garnett. I wouldn’t expect him to be a fan of Garrison Keilor or anything, but this is some Adam Sandler-level humor. I love it.

Take a look and laugh WITH him, not at him:

Further, let the ticker on the above screencap serve to let you know that Peyton Hillis has been cut by the Giants. Good luck, Peyton.

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