Rob Konrad Police Video: Ex-NFLer Describes Harrowing Swim to Palm Beach Police (Video)

rob konrad police video

Remember back in January, when retired Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad told everyone he fell off his boat while fishing off the coast of Florida and swam 10 miles back to shore over the course of 15 hours?

Well, a lot of media types just ate that story up, because surviving an ordeal like that is obviously incredible. However, the fact that the story was so incredible also produced a good number of skeptics. And the skeptics pointed out things like (a) it’s incredibly difficult to swim for 15 hours and not die, or (b) get eaten by sharks. And anyway, (c) what the hell was this guy doing fishing alone (d) without a life jacket or (e) emergency tracking device? That seems incredibly stupid.

I have to admit, I found myself among the skeptics. Maybe all the Manti Te’os and Josh Shaws have left me jaded. But I just couldn’t bring myself to embrace what should have been a feel-good story.

Now, however, I’m coming around. Not only has no evidence surfaced over the past six weeks that would contradict Konrad’s story—no records of text messages sent to hookers, no exposés about a secret gambling debt, nothing—but on Tuesday a Florida talk radio host named Andy Slater obtained a Rob Konrad police video shot while the former Dolphin was sitting in the back of a police cruiser.

In this video, police had just picked him up in a gated Palm Beach community. And while Slater tries to drum up more controversy by pointing out that the police at the scene were skeptical of his story, in reality the footage jibes with everything Konrad said. The guy is soaking wet, in his underwear, shivering from hypothermia—just like you’d expect him to be after spending 15 hours in 75º water. If he wasn’t telling the truth and this was all part of some botched attempt to fake his own death, then Konrad is an extremely good actor.

Take a look:

Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Officer: How far out were you?

Konrad: About 10 miles.

Officer: You were about 10 miles out when you fell off?

Konrad: I’ve been swimming since 1 o’clock.

Officer: One o’clock in the afternoon.

Konrad: What time is it right now?

Officer: It’s almost five in the morning.

Konrad: Shut the fuck up.

Another officer: Yeah.

Officer: You are a lucky son of a bitch

Konrad: Shut the fuck up. Holy shit.

What do you think, internet? Does this cast more doubt on Konrad’s lost at seas story, or does it confirm it once and for all?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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