9 Pro Athletes Who Were Caught on Video Acting Like Dirtbags

pro athletes who were caught on video

So there’s apparently a Dez Bryant tape out there…At first, it was just rumor, but now, as police reports circulate, and rumor turns to investigation, it’s sounding like another of many pro athletes screwed up in front of a camera. Allegedly, Dez Bryant was involved in some sort of confrontation that took place in a Texas Wal-Mart parking lot and ended up with a woman being dragged from a car.

With all the bad press the NFL has gotten from the Ray Rice situation and their handling of it, it’s safe to say, aside from this terrible incident, that no one except for the media and the curious are excited about the existence of this tape.

However, getting caught on tape is nothing new for pro athletes. Their careers are 100% filmed, and their private lives aren’t much more private than that. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve got a litany of athletes who got caught doing stupid and/or terrible stuff on camera. I’d prefer not to rank these nefarious events, so think of this more as a rundown than a ranking. I mean, there’s plenty of dirtbag behavior to go around.

Let’s go for a ride through the dregs, shall we?

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