Upstanding Alabama Citizen Yells ‘Roll Tide’ While Doing Donuts in Snow (Video)

Roll Tide

Here’s a fun quick Friday quiz: Name an instance in which an Alabama resident wouldn’t yell “Roll Tide.” Any instance at all. In the electric chair, at a black tie gala, fishing, doing donuts in the snow…every circumstance is the PERFECT time to yell “Roll Tide” for Alabama folk.

If you’re wondering what the hell Alabama fans are doing in snow, I’ll have you know that it’s snowing in Alabama, so Alabama folk did the most Alabama folk-y thing they could think of. They got into¬†a pickup truck to do donuts and yell “Roll Tide” for no real reason.

Here’s the video. It’s a real thinkpiece:

The tags above pretty much tell the whole story of this article. “Alabama.” “Football.” “Roll Tide.” “Snow.”

Oh, and then this truck doing donuts makes the news. Because this is news that people need to know.

Roll Tide.

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