This Canadiens Fan Quietly Pukes on Himself in the Stands. YAY! (Video)

Canadiens fan

Americans, take heart: Not EVERY Canadian is better than us at holding their liquor. Case in point: This solitary Canadiens fan at the Bell Centre.

This guy seems to be flirting pretty heavily with unconsciousness when all of a sudden, a steady, gentle ooze of vomit escapes his mouth. It’s really gross. And kind of scary. I mean, his head is leaned back, so he almost choked the way Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend did.

Take a look:

Almost hard to believe that no one wanted to sit next to the guy. Fortunately, this Canadiens fan is able to get up and stumble off, hopefully to safety.

God, asphyxiating on your own vomit at a regular season NHL game would be the worst. You’d at least want to wait until the later-rounds of the playoffs, right? My first choice would be the Olympics during the Women’s All-Around, then Olympics powerlifting, then any World Cup game involving France. Those are all good events to die at.

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