Corey Tropp Goal Gets Disallowed, But Is Still Pretty Impressive (Video)

Corey Tropp goal

Last night’s Corey Tropp goal against the Blue Jackets showed creativity and perseverance. Unfortunately, those qualities don’t outweigh the fact that play was stopped when it happened, so we’ll have to put a big ole’ asterisk next to this play. After the puck got lodged atop the net, Tropp knocked it loose, then batted it into the goal.

It was pretty impressive given the commotion around the goal crease at the time, but “impressive” doesn’t count for much in this instance.

The puck was out of play when it was atop the goal, and for good reason. Could you imagine the bloodbath that would ensue if the puck was sitting there, live? People would be killed trying to get that thing down.

Take a look at the Corey Tropp goal that may have been, but never was:

The Blue Jackets could have used that goal, and a few others.  They would go on to lose by a score of 5-2.

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