Dez Bryant’s Mom Explains 2012 Altercation With Her Son To Police (Video)

Dez Bryant's mom - 2012 Altercation

The search for the elusive video of Dez Bryant doing something horrible has not led to the finding of the actual video in question.  However, it has resulted in the uncovering of some other interesting things, like this footage of Dez Bryant’s mom talking to police about a violent altercation she had with her son a few years back.

The incident took place in Texas back in July 2012.  Dez was arrested for assault following the incident, but the charges were later dropped when he cut a deal with prosecutors—he had to stay out of trouble for a year, and he did.

This is not the first time anyone has heard about this episode.  The public and the league were made well aware of the fact that Bryant had grabbed his mother, Angela Bryant, smacked her with a baseball cap, and torn her shirt.  But this all took place before the NFL started to pretend to care about domestic violence, so the Cowboys wide receiver was not suspended by the league for his actions.

He probably won’t be so lucky this time around, should the highly-anticipated, highly-publicized Dez Bryant video reach the public.  In the meantime,we do have this video of Dez Bryant’s mom explaining that 2012 altercation to police.  You can check it out below:

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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