Rex Ryan’s New Truck Is Beaming With Buffalo Bills Pride (Pics)

Rex Ryan's new truck

If you were wondering if the new Bills coach is excited about his new gig, I think Rex Ryan‘s new truck can answer that question for you.

He’s either really excited, or very good at faking enthusiasm, and it seems to be the former. After getting the tattoo of his wife in a Jets jersey changed to a Bills jersey, he went and got his truck painted with Bills colors.

Buffalo fans are going to eat this up.

Here are some Tweets with pics. Not sure who the source is, but he mentions some guy named @seancorleone, so you know he’s legit.

Well, well, well. If this was a fan, I would probably be making fun of them, but there’s something sweet and endearing about Rex Ryan’s new truck for his new coaching gig. 

Let’s see if he sticks around long enough to get the car re-registered next year. 

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