GRONK SMASH!: Gronkowski Vegas Trip Ends with a Cake on the Head (Video)

Gronkowski Vegas trip

Even if you weren’t privy to this news, you probably already assumed it happened. I mean, you see a headline about a Rob Gronkowski Vegas trip in which he dumps a cake on a guy’s head and you think, “Yup. That sounds about right.”

Just Gronk bein’ Gronk, is all.

Anyway, if you wanted some real-life documentation of this event to compare it to the ones you’ve imagined, TMZ has this here video:

Is there anything more terrible and stupid than MCs at nightclubs? Please don’t stop the music at a 1,000-person nightclub so I can watch a man eat a pastry. And if I don’t care about that, I DEFINITELY don’t care about a bachelorette party or birthday announcement.

But it is nice to know when you’re one of the most prominent football players in the league, fresh off a championship, that nightclubs will provide Rob with free cake for no reason during his Gronkowski Vegas trip.

That’s another perk of being in the NFL: Free cake. Traumatic head injuries, but free cake.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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